The BYU Drone Team is focused on building, modifying and racing FPV drones. Our vision is to create a team of ace pilots capable of competing at an international level and promote the sport and hobby of drone racing. We also hope to provide a fun atmosphere for all to learn more about the field of engineering and experience the freedom of flight. We invite all, regardless of skill level to participate.

Meet The Team

Founder & Team Captain:

Henry “the_glidiator” Chou

My name is Henry and I’m a Mechanical Engineering student at BYU. The very first drone I owned was a DJI Phantom 3 standard. I bought it because I wanted to capture aerial shots of my car (I was and still am a gearhead). The Phantom was a great starting platform, it taught me about spatial awareness and how to pilot a drone. During one of my YouTube university sessions I came across a video of MrSteele flying FPV free style and I was hooked. I started learning everything I could about FPV drones from wiring and building to properties of electricity and circuits. I’ve been flying for almost a year now and I had such a great learning experience and fun from working with drones that I decided to start this drone racing team so people of similar interests could get together and work together!

The Pilots:
Logan Birch “Sparky FPV”

My name is Logan Birch. During finals right before Christmas of last year (2017), I stumbled upon my first FPV racing drone video, Vince Irie’s unboxing of the Vortex 180, and was instantly hooked! As a biology major, I didn’t know a thing about these quads, but I immersed myself in watching races and freestyle videos and soon had my hands on a cheap toy drone to get a feel for the controls. Just five months later and here I am completing my first build: Armattan Rooster 5” complete with the Emax F4 Magnum AIO and Emax 2306 2400kV motors.

Ben Jacobs

I became interested in quad-copters during the great drone boom of 2014.  I built my first in 2015: a 450mm (17.7 in) quad-copter.  The plan was to build everything from scratch with the help of Joop Brokking.  After several years of improving more than flying,  I stumbled across the drone team during a  race with FPVProvo in January 2018.  After watching the race, I couldn’t help but get my own.

Carson Moon “Captain Carbon”

One day on my daily adventure through the vastness of YouTube, I discovered the FPV drone world. I was hooked! I learned how to fly on a simulator for 6 solid months before building my first drone—a FliteTest Gremlin. Since then I’ve gotten a Wizard X220 and a Tiny Whoop, all of which I absolutely love flying. So when I found out about the BYU Drone Team, I was ecstatic because flying is great, but flying with others is fantastic. The resources, experience, and excitement we all provide each other is amazing. I can’t wait to see how BYU-DT will continue to develop.

Gabe Richardson

 I have always loved math, science, electronics, and aerospace. As an aspiring Astronaut, I have always looked for hobbies and pastimes that that lead me closer to a future career in the space industry. A friend of mine at another university build a drone for a class, and I decided that I wanted to build my drone also. I went to the BYU aerospace club, looking to see if they did anything with drones. This is how I met Henry, who introduced me to the hobby and helped me through my first build! BYU drone team has been an awesome opportunity for me to interact with others who are passionate for the future, not to mention the exhilaration and excitement of racing hand build drones.